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Le plan du domaine - Château de Quintin
Coucher de soleil - Château de Quintin
Terrasse donnant sur l'étang de Quintin
Vieux Château de Quintin (avant restauration) - vue depuis Cour intérieure
Tour des archives (XIIIe-XVe - XVIIIe) - Ancienne Porte-Neuve de Quintin
Plan du domaine Château de Quintin
Repère 1

18th century castle

The central part was originally the outbuildings of the 17th century castle under construction. In the 18th century, the Marshal of Lorge and then the family Choiseul-Praslin chose to embellish it by adding two wings on either side. The interiors were rearranged, adorned with woodwork and furniture: it became a castle in its own right. Today, the owners show you the furnished apartments on the ground floor.

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Repère 2

French gardens

The park of the castle is classified as a Historic Monument. It is an example of a classic French garden, with its characteristic rows of hedges, curtained lime trees, box trees and lawns where rhythm and regularity dominate.

Plan du domaine Château de Quintin
Repère 3

17th century castle

Remnants of a 17th century Protestant bastion that has remained unfinished, the old castle overlooking Quintin’s pond has been undergoing restoration since 2013 and is due to be opened to the public.

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Repère 4

Archive Tower

One of the four old medieval gates of the city of Quintin, this tower dates from the 13th century in its lower part, then was remodelled in the 15th. In the 18th century, the family Choiseul-Praslin covered it with a pepperpot roof and converted it to house the castle archives. Opening to the public is planned for 2022.

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Following the latest measures announced by the government, the Château de Quintin is exceptionally closed to visitors until further notice.