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Séminaires Château de Quintin
Murder Party - Château de Quintin

The Château de Quintin is an original setting to reconcile work and relaxation.

Welcomed by the owners, you will receive special attention. Several customizable formulas are proposed to you… 

Rental of our reception room (160m2) :available: flipchart, video projector, screen, microphone, round/rectangular tables, etc.

Rental of small work rooms :old kitchen, dining room, entrances, office…

Restoration in the former stables of the 18th century castle.

We offer a variety of menus, based on traditional and family cuisine… Welcome coffee, lunch, buffet, coffee, snack, aperitif, sit-down dinner, “candlelight dinner” formula. We can adapt a formula to your budget.

Animation Murder party: lead the investigation in the castle (in partnership with Yllar)

A crime took place at the castle. In teams of detectives, you will search for clues to find the murderer, the time and the murder weapon. A friendly and playful moment to visit the castle in a different way… Includes 3 hours of play in the 18th century castle and park. From 20 to 70 participants.

Animation "Quiz" (in partnership with Yllar)

You are looking for an animation to relax after a business meeting, to brighten up a meal! We offer you to take part in a Quiz, just like on TV! Projection of slides on different themes, modelled on the “who wants millions” mode, i.e. 1 question and 4 choices of answers with voting on boxes.

Animation " Golf "

Introduction to golf with a member of the family, a certified golf instructor, in the French park of the castle. Up to 30 participants

"Typical" seminar day:

8h30-9h: breakfast reception: coffee, tea, orange juice, pastries

9h-12h: morning of work with power point projection then round tables in small groups.

12h-12h30 aperitif in the gardens

12h30-13h45 : lunch in our reception room

14h-17h: murder party in the 18th castle

17h-17h30: financial closing snack, hot/cold drinks

For any information or quotation, please contact us: or 02 96 74 94 79


Réouverture du château le dimanche 21 juin 2020

Nous sommes très heureux de vous réouvrir enfin nos portes. Du 21 au 30 juin, une visite guidée des intérieurs meublés et de l’exposition des arts de la table, tous les jours à 14h30 et à 16h30 (à partir du 1er juillet, de 10h30 à 12h30 et de 14h30 à 18h30).

Pour respecter les règles sanitaires actuelles, les visites sont limitées à 10 personnes : nous vous conseillons donc de réserver en ligne dans la rubrique infos pratiques. Jusqu’à nouvel ordre le port du masque reste obligatoire pendant la visite en intérieur.

Tout est en place pour vous accueillir en toute sécurité : sens de circulation, affichage de rappel des gestes barrières, mise à disposition de gel hydroalcoolique, aménagement du parcours de visite avec sens de circulation, évolution de nos offres d’animation adaptées à la situation… Nous vous attendons !


Following the latest measures announced by the government, the Château de Quintin is exceptionally closed to visitors until further notice.