Fine craft

Métiers d'art - Château de Quintin

The "fine craft" project and its stakes

Our project is to dedicate the entire Vieux-Château and the Archive Tower to the promotion of Fine Craft, through a craft centre dedicated to craftworkers (business incubator, training and meeting place) and a transmission centre for the general public (educational workshops, exhibitions, conferences).

This complex is intended to be an innovative, sustainable and ambitious project, with a regional focus, a place of transmission, at the service of the arts and crafts and the general interest, fully in keeping with the times. The stakes are heritage, economic, cultural and social. This project makes it possible to :

  • Enhancing and safeguarding an architectural heritage
  • Generating economic dynamism for Quintin and the St-Brieuc agglomeration
  • Reinforce tourist and cultural attractiveness in Brittany
  • Creating a vector of social ties and a breeding ground for jobs

The Archive Tower within this project

As far as the Archive Tower is concerned, its reopening to the public would make it possible to integrate it into the project for a centre for fine crafts and to bring it closer to its vocation of the last 250 years: the conservation and transmission of archives.

In this respect, several projects can be envisaged. The Tower could accommodate :

  • a workshop for a craftsman: workshop related to the book or paper trades (bookbinding, restoration of books or engravings, illuminations, calligraphy …)
  • an archival digitization workshop
  • a specialised bookshop/library, with a space dedicated to reading and/or discovering the book trade.

The restoration of the Archive Tower and the ramparts is also a major challenge for the city: it will provide a better understanding of the old medieval city and offer a new route for walking and discovery, notably via the creation of a lane along the ramparts, a subject currently being discussed with the Quintin town council.

The analysis of the Chaillot School in particular has made it possible to rediscover all the interest and centrality of these major architectural elements.

Journées Européennes du Patrimoine - 16 et 17 septembre 2023


Au programme de cette édition : visite du château du 18ème siècle à tarif réduit pour tous et gratuit pour les -18 ans.

Mais aussi…

– Des jeux d’extérieur en bois amuseront petits et grands.
– Friandises, crêpes et boissons en vente sur place.
– Location de costumes de chevalier et princesse, le temps de la visite guidée  : 1€

En pratique: Le 16 et 17 septembre, de 10h30 à 12h30 et de 14h à 18h30

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 Contacter l’Office de Tourisme de Quintin et l’Association Tours et Détours du pays de Quintin. 

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Following the latest measures announced by the government, the Château de Quintin is exceptionally closed to visitors until further notice.